Name Fumio Negoro
  Affiliation President
The Institute of Software Development, (ISD,Inc.)
  Curriculum vitae
  Fumio Negoro developed a software development methodology, the Governmental Methodology for Software Providence (Lyee), in 1996. Lyee is a novel idea for that its key concepts are originated in his study of human cognition and that the methodology enables mass production of programs. He applied for a patent for Lyee in 26 nations, and was patented by the United States, Singapore and New Zealand to date. Since 1996, Mr. Negoro has been teaching Lyee to his staff engineers and developed a variety of business applications with Lyee for Japanese corporations.

1971 Received his masters degree in mathematics from Nihon University

1971 - 1975 Taught mathematics and computer programming as a lecturer at Nihon University

1975 - 1988 Headed 80 large-scale software development projects in Japan, which includes various business applications, a testing system for parallel computers, a process control system for aircrafts and Smart Complier for Students.

1988 - 1994 Developed VOCJU, software development methodology, for which he got a patent from the United States government, and developed business applications with his methodology

Oct. 1994 Founded the Institute of Computer Based Software Methodology and Technology

Sept. 2003 Received his Doctor Degree in Software Science, from Iwate Prefectural University, Graduate School of Software and Information Science

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Co-authored by Prof. Hamido Fujita of Iwate Prefectural University

"New Innovation on Software Implementation Methodology for 21st Century - What Software Science can Bring to Natural Language Processing - "(co-authored)
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