The Project terminated on 2004 May.

Lyee International Scientific Joint Research Project
2001,6/1`2004,5/31 (3years project)


The International Scientific Joint Research Project is a three-year project led by Dr. Hamido Fujita, a professor of Software and Information Science at Iwate Prefectural University. Formally inaugurated on June 1 this year, the project's initiators have now assembled a team of 33 researchers from 12 countries who will work together to further evaluate and conduct research on Lyee.

Lyee - standing for 'governmentaL methodologY for softwarE providencE' - was developed in Japan by Fumio Negoro, president of the Tokyo-based Catena Group's The Institute of Computer based Software Methodology and Technology. The development method is already realizing significant software productivity improvements in the Japanese market.

Catena Corporation and the Institute are joint sponsors of the project which aims to popularize Lyee on a worldwide level. The two companies firmly believe that Lyee will provide a radical solution to the problems currently constraining the development of software worldwide.

(It quotes from the Press Releases.)